Who goes Canoeing with their Mother-in-Law?

The Misguided Tales of an Avid Paddler

Forgotten maps and stolen canoes. Swirling rapids and daring rescues. Bigfoot encounters and yes, even canoeing with his mother-in-law. Come, gather round the campfire. Let your heart be captivated by these canoe stories, and marvel at the maps that bring them to life.

“Who Goes Canoeing With Their Mother-in-Law? has all the charm and adventure of a week long trek into the Canadian woods. Kyle Penner is the best of travelling companions: relaxed, keen -- and amusing."
Roy MacGregor
Author of Canoe Country: The Making of Canada
“Kyle Penner’s stories read like a downhill portage after the peak of blackfly season. They’re a joy to devour, and exhilarating enough to want to pore over again and again.”
Kevin Callan (a.k.a. The Happy Camper),
Author of Once Around Algonquin: An Epic Canoe Journey.

The Author

Who Goes Canoeing With Their Mother-in-Law is Kyle Penner’s first book, but hopefully not his last. Kyle Penner, the author, is the son-in-law to the illustrator, Patti Enns. He loves to tell canoeing stories almost as much as he actually loves canoeing.

Maps By Mom

The book features delicately hand drawn maps by illustrator Patti Enns, Kyle’s mother-in-law. Patti is a retired school teacher who discovered her love of drawing when she unexpectedly found herself having to teach an art class. 

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