"Kyle has a warm, friendly approach to writing about his canoeing adventures. I felt like a close friend looking forward to joining Kyle on his next trip so that we could swap more stories.  He can turn an ordinary two-day canoe trip into a memorable event with his characterization of people and detailed descriptions of places.  Patti’s drawings provide quaint, visual context to the locations that Kyle writes about.  I joyfully anticipate reading more of his stories."
Mel Baughman
Forester, wilderness canoeist, and adventurer.
"This is a fun read. Kyle's stories are homey, engrossing, informative, and memorable. Just the thing to keep experienced paddlers interested, and encourage new paddlers to search out their own wilderness adventure. A great addition to anyone’s outdoor library."
Doug McKown
Author of Canoeing: Safety and Rescue
"The stories have a familiar feel that every outdoorsman can relate to but with a twist that kept me wanting to read more! Definitely allows you to slip into the wilderness from the comforts and security of home! What a great read!"
Mike Ranta
Author of Mike and Spitzii’s Great Canadian Adventure: Cross-Continental Coast to Coast Record-Breaking Solo Canoe Expedition
"Kyle Penner tells a good story with a light-hearted comic charm. Here we have stories on many a common paddlers theme and with much learning gently shared in such a relaxing way that it is easily absorbed - from how to wisely canoe camp with young children to dealing with those tense wind bound moments. There is universal appeal to these stories but they will particularly resonate with local paddlers in Southern Manitoba.  Beautifully illustrated, this avid paddler will inspire you too, as Henry David Thoreau once put it, ‘Everyone must believe in something. I believe I’ll go canoeing.’”
Bob Henderson
Canoe tripper, educator, author of Every Trail Has a Story, www.bobhenderson.ca
"Just getting into a canoe can be an adventure in itself, but paddling off into the wilderness with your mother-in-law pretty much ups that likelihood to a certainty. I hope you enjoy reading Kyle's canoeing tales as much as I did”
Dana Starkell
Paddle to the Amazon

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